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Brede Spisehus was a canteen and a local meeting house for the workers at the neighbouring Brede Textile Factory and thus got to form a central part of the everyday lives of the workers: the children enjoyed Christmas and shrovetide celebrations here and the adults held meetings and went dancing to the tunes of the local fiddler.

Usually, the blue-collar workers and the white-collar workers had separate dining rooms: the blue-collar workes dined in the big dining-room and the white-collar workers in the small dining room. ​

Occasionally, the workers took their food home to the surrounding workmen's houses in dinner pails.  

The principal meal - the warm dish - was served at noon and the food was nourishing and plentiful for the working force. 

The Danish National Museum has restored Brede Spisehus very gently and the fundamental interior design has remained unchanged: The kitchen with its big glass sections and the dining room with its ornamental tiles, the opal glass ceiling and the original glass lamps and pillars.

Today the old textile factory, Brede Works, is a museum located right next to Brede Spisehus and is defintely worth a visit.

​Brede Spisehus | I.C. Modewegs Vej 40 | 2800 Kgs. Lyngby | Phone.: 45 85 54 57 |